Sad and Happy

Friday, February 14, 2014

The time has finally come for Mason to leave to have his missionary training in Argentina.  Because of visa problems, his departure was delayed several weeks.  It was a little disconcerting to him to have that happen but he handled it well and the time passed quickly.  At least to me.  Mason takes things in his stride and I know that quality will serve him well while he is in Uruguay and away from home for 2 years.
I know every mother thinks her kids are special, and they should.   Mason is one of a kind.  As the youngest and with 7 sisters, it is a unique family placement for him.  But Mason has always had this sense about himself.  He is confident, fun and crazy, and also able to adapt and make friends wherever and whatever he is doing.  And he came that way.  No amount of mothering made him that way, he just is.  He has wanted to serve a mission for the LDS church for as long as I can remember.  This was his goal and not something I expected of him.  You can read more about him (if you want) in this post.  He is just a great kid.  In the last 6 weeks he has been my chauffeur and going with me to all my doctor appointments and physical therapy.  When things were tough he would come old my hand or tell me a story to keep my mind off the exercises.  He's been a big help with the girls, too.
In the short time his mission was delayed, our relationship and friendship grew to a new level.  I did shed the typical mom tears at the airport but I really have peace that this is perfect for Mason.  He called me when he arrived and told me how much fun it was just being with guys like him and talking to people about our church on the airplane.  Typical Mason - making friends wherever he goes.
This is the city of Montevideo Uruguay where he will be headed after his training.  It is a South American city with a strong Italian/European influence.  He will also, of course, spend time in the countryside of Uruguay. I do know missions are hard and the work is completely selfless.  But I do believe he can handle it and it will make him grow in ways that will make him a strong man.

So I have 2 children serving LDS missions now with Laurie in Washington and Mason going to Uruguay. I miss them terribly but I'm a delighted mother to have them choose to spend time serving others at their young ages.  They are doing things I could never have the courage or desire to do.  It is incredible when we see our children move into the world and contribute.

Pam Kitty Morning sent me this Mason soda bottle.  I have it in my sewing room.  It is kind of whimsical to me and represents the silly part of Mason.

I'm still not sewing much or blogging.  I miss my old routine terribly.  My recovery from the bursitis and other complications will take me more months but I'm working hard to get to a full functioning life.


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