Monday, December 09, 2013

I'm really stuck.  I'm stuck like in the movie "Groundhog Day".  I mean every day is mostly the same.  I am pretty frustrated with my ailment and I'm determined to get myself well.  But I haven't seen progress yet.  And so I feel stuck and in almost constant pain.  It makes me sad not to be able to sit at my sewing machine and participate in my normal everyday life.  And it has made me aware that I shouldn't take those things for granted.
I was looking for a specific picture on my blog the other day and browsing the archives.  I realized I could be working on this project.  I could be doing some applique.
And I should be working on old projects with applique like this one, too.  I'm really not motivated but I need to motivate myself to distract myself from the pain.  Right?
While browsing for that picture I found a few pictures of baskets I had made.  I forgot I even made these.  What did I do with them?  I must have given them for gifts.  I forget.
I found this table runner.  I absolutely do not remember even making this.  At all.  I actually found lots of projects in blog archives I made that I forgot making.  Weird.  I'm old I guess.
I don't remember making this table runner either.  Where did it go?  Is it living somewhere?  Like I said..old.
And these potholders I made...they were obviously gifts.  But where are they now?  Do you feel like that sometimes?  Like you've made projects and forgot making them or remember making something and wonder where it lives now?  In 2005, I think, I made lots and lots of baby quilts that I sold.  I wonder where those quilts live now.  I'm kind of going crazy.  I think you can tell.


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